President of India G.K

The post of President is the highest Constitutional post in India. To be the President of India , it is mandatory for a person to be an Indian citizen and he must completed 35 years of age. Aparts from this he must not hold any office of profit under the Union government or any state government or any local authority or any other public authority. Exception President or vice-president,Governor of any state,minister of union or state. Indian President get elected through 'Electoral college' consisting of Elected members of both the house of parliament and elected members of the legislative of the states.
The oath of the president is administered by the Chief Justice of India and in his absence,the senior most Judge of the Supreme Court. Any person acting as the President also undertake similar oath. The normal tenure of Indian President is 5 years. If the office vacant by resignation,removal,death or otherwise,the vice-President acts as President. In case the vice-President also not available to discharge the duties the office of the President the Chief Justice of India acts as president . The post should not vacant more than six months. To fill the vacancy the election must be completed within six month from the date of the occurrence of the vacancy.
The President calls Joint session of both the houses of the Parliament . he has the power to nominate members to the Rajya sabha. Twelve members of Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President, including two Anglo Indians. No money bill can be introduced in the Lok Sabha without the Prior approval of the President. He has the power of dissolving the Parliament. The President can Pardon the death Sentence.
President can Declare three types of Emergency:-
             (a) National Emergency(Article 352)
             (b) State Emergency or President Rule(Article 356)
             (c) Financial Emergency(Article 360)
The Emergency declared by the President does not continue, if the Parliament does not approve it within a month. This post is included list of all President of India from 1950 to 2022.

List of all Presidents of India
Name From upto Important Facts
Dr. Rajandra Prasad 26.01.1950 13.05.1962 First president of india also had the longest tenure(12 years).
Dr. S. Radhakrisnan 13.05.1962 03.05.1967 Was also the vice president of India.
Dr.Zakir Hussain 13.05.1967 03.05.1969 Shortest tenure;first Muslim President of india,to die in harness.
VV Giri 03.05.1969 20.07.1969 Frist vice President who acted as president of india.
Justice M Hidayat-ul-lah 20.07.1969 24.08.1969 Was also the Chief Justice of India and second acting President.
VV Giri 24.08.1969 24.08.1974
F Ali Ahmed 24.08.1974 11.02.1977 Died in office
BD Jatti 11.02.1977 25.07.1977 Acting President
N Sanjeeva Reddy 25.07.1977 25.07.1982 Youngest President(64)
Giani Zail Singh 25.07.1982 25.07.1987 First Sikh President
R Venkstaraman 25.07.1987 25.07.1992 Oldest President (76 Years)
Dr SD Sharma 25.07.1992 25.07.1997
KR Narayanan 25.07.1997 25.07.2002 First Dalit President
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam 25.07.2002 25.07.2007 First scientist to become President
Pratibha Patil 25.07.2007 24.07.2012 First woman president
Pranab Mukherjee 25.07.20012 25.07.2017 First Bengali President
Ram Nath Kovind 25.07.2017 Till Date