Research institutes are play very important role in development of a country.It is very important that a country must have different types of research institute. Various types of research work are done in these research institutes every day. As a result, we get many types of life saving medicines, better equipment related to health, new technology and various types of modern materials. For these reasons questions related to research institutes are asked in almost every competitive exam, most of the questions are related to their name and located place. For example, where is the National Brain Research Center located? So, i have included all research institute in India with their location In this post, which are important in competitive exam's point of view.In this post you get a list of institute like Central road research institute, The energy research institute, Forest research institute and many more. You can also download this list in PDF.

list of important Research Institute of India
Name of Institute Location
Central Road Research Institute(CRRI)

New Delhi
Indian Councile Agricultre Research
Ther Energy and Reasearch Institute
Indian Metrological Depertment
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
Central Soil and Material Research Centre
Cultural Institute and Training Centre
Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment
Indian National Science Academy
Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narain National Crime and Justice Institute
Morarji Desai National Yog Institute
Shri Ram Institute of Chemical Research
National Aviation Management and Research Institute
National Earthquake Science Data Centre
National Institute of Reservation
National Plant-Genome Research Centre
National Public Cooperation and Child Development Institute
Physically Disabled Institute
Centeral Jut Technological Research Institute

Botanical Servey of India
Saha Nuclear Physics Institute
National Orthopedic Disabled Institute
National Homeopathic Institute
N. N. Bose National Fundamental Science Centre
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Asian Studies Institute
Marine Engineering and Research Institute
Institute of Central government Training and Research
Indian Science Congress Association
Bose Institute
Indian Anthropology Survey
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
Satyajeet Ray Film and Television Institute
National Institute of Nutrition

Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostic
Indian Fish Research Institute
Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages
Director of Atomic Mineral Investigation and Research
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Survey Training Institute
Centeral Food Technological Research Mysore (Karnataka)
Indian Institute of Sugarcan Research

National Botanical Research Institute
Centeral Drug Research Institute
Centeral Mango Research Institute
National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Heritage
National Dairy Research Institute Karnal
Forest Reserach Institute(FRI)

Indian Institute of Petroliem
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
National Blind Institute
National Environmental Engineering Research Institute(NEERI)

Vishveshraiya National Technical Institute
Central Institute for Cotton Research
Indian Bureau of Mines
Indian Institute of Pulses Research
Indian Institute of Sugarcan Technology
Indian Institute of Soil Science
Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Institute of Indian Forest Management
National Centre for Cell Science(NCCS)

Central Water and Electric Research Centre
Agarkar Research Institute
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
Institute of Armament Technology
Institute of Indian Film and Television
National Chemical Laboratory
National Natural Medical Institute
National Brain Research Centre Manesar(Grugram)
Central Tobacco Research Institute
Rajahmundry(andhra Pradesh)
National Potato Research Institute Kufri(shimla)
Himalayan Forest Research Centre
Central Rice Research Institute Cuttak
Indian Lac Research Institute Ranchi
Sugarcan Breeding Institute

South India Textile Research Association
Institute of Forest Genetic Tree Breeding
National Institute of Oceanography
National Water Sporting Institute
National Antarctic and Ocean Research Centre
Indian Veterinary Research Institute Izatnagar(Bareilly)
National Research Centre for Banana Tiruchirapalli(Tamil Nadu)
National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped Secunderabad(Telangana)
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
International Institute of Population Studies
Lal Bahadur Shastri Coastal Research and Higher Study Institute
Marine Engineering and Research Institute
Maritime Training Institute Powai
Silk and Art Silk Mills Research Association
Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

National Yunani Institute
Indian Institute of Astro Physics
Indian Science Academy
Institute of Indian Plywood Industry and Research
Institute of Lumbering Science and Technology
Liquid Crystal Research Institute
National Biological Science Centre
Jawahar Lal Nehru Developed Scientific Research Centre
Plastic Engineering and Technology Institute

Indian Oceanic Technical Institute
Institute of Mathematical Science
Multi-disabled Strengthen Institute
Central Education Media Institute
National Institute of Ocean Technology
National Siddh Institute
Physical Research Laboratory
Institute for Plasma Research (I. P. R.)
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management
Indian Tourism and Travel Management Institute
Laxmibai National Physical Education Institute
Institute of Indian Diamond
S. V. National Technical Institute
National Power Training Institute
Institute of National Science & Technology
National Mental Disabled Institute
Defence Management Institute
Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences-Nainital Nainital
Arid Zone Research Institute Jodhpur
Biotic Resources and Continuous Development Centre Imphal
Central Buddh Education Institute Leh
Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute Pilani
Central High Tibetan Educational Institute Varanasi
Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology Kocchi
Centre of National Mental Research Manesar
Institute of Forest Research and Human Resource Development Chindwara
Institute of Physics Bhubaneshwar
National Ayurvedic Institute Jaipur
National Hydrology Institute Roorkee (Uttarakhand)
National Institute of Sports Patiala
National Rehabilitation Training and Research Institute Cuttack
North India Cloth Research Institute Ghaziabad
Pesticide Technology Institute Gurgaon
Rajeev Gandhi National Youth Development Institute Perambur
Sea-biotic Resources and Ecology Centre Cochin
Sri Chitra Triunal Medical Science and Technical Institute Tiruvananthapuram
Wool Research Institute Thane