Prime minister of India G.K
In the scheme of parliamentary system of government , the president is the nominal executive authority and Prime Minister is the real executive authority. He is the head of the government while president is the head of the state of the Republic of India. Article 75 says that the prime minister shall be appointed by the president . The Prime Minister serves in the office for five years though he can be re-appointed .
• Must be a citizen of India .
• Must be a member of Loak Sabha(House of the People) or Rajya Sabha(Council of the States) . If he is not a member of either House , he must become a member of either Houses within six month.
• Minimum 25 years of age(if a Loak Sabha member) or 30 years of age (if a Rajya Sabha member). There is no upper age limit .
• Must not hold any office under the government of India or the State government of any state or under any local or other authority subject to the control of any of the said governments.
Oath: President administers to him the oaths of office and secrecy.
• The term of the Prime Minister is not fixed and he holds office during the pleasure of of the President . However ,this does not mean that the President can dismiss him at any time. So long as the Prime Minister enjoys the majority support in the Loak Sabha , he cannot be dismissed by the President . However , if he loses the confidence of the Loak Sabha , he must resign or the President can dismiss him.
• At present the salary of Indian Prime Minister is around Rs.280000 . His Salary and allowances are determined by the parliament at time to time.
Power and Function:
• The Prime Minister is the Leader of the House.
• He can recommend the dissolution of the Loak Sabha before its expiry.
• He allocates profit folios. He can ask a Minister to resign and get him dismiss by the President . He advices the President on important of higher Constitutional officials.
• The Prime Minister along with his cabinet advises the President on declaration of emergency on various ground.
• He is the ex-officio Chairman of NITI Aayog, National Development council,National Integration Council and Inter-state Council.
• Appoints the Council of Minister.
• Assists the President in appointment of all high officials.

List of Prime Ministers of India
Srl. No Name From upto Important Notes
1st Jawharlal Nehru 15.08.1947 27.05.1964 First Prime Minister of India ,the Indina Prime Minister who died in his office. The longest served Prime Minister(17 years) of India.
- Gulzari Lal Nanda 27.05.1964 09.06.1964 First acting Prime Minister of India
2nd Lal Bahadur Shastari 09.06.1964 11.01.1966 The Only Prime Minister who died in abroad during an official tour
- Gulzari Lal Nanda 11.01.1966 24.03.1966 First to become acting Prime Minister twice.
3rd Indra Gandhi 24.01.1966 24.07.1977 The first women Prime Minister of India , first Prime Minister to loss an election .First Member of Rajya Sabha become Prime Minister.
4th Morarji Desai 24.01.1977 28.07.1979 First non- Congress Prime Minister. Oldest Prime Minister(81 years) of India and first prime Minister to resign from office. First Chief Minister who become Prime Minister.
5th Chaudhary Charan Singh 28.07.1979 14.01.1980 Only Prime Minister who did not face the Parliament.
- Indra Gandhi 14.01.1980 31.10.1984 First Prime Minister to be assassinated.
6th Rajiv Gandhi 31.10.1984 01.12.1984 The Youngest Prime Minister of India(40 years)
7th VP Singh 21.12.1989 10.11.1990 First Prime Minister to step down after vote of no-confidence.
8th Chandra Shekher 10.01.1990 21.06.1991 -
9th PV Narasimah Rao 21.06.1991 16.05.1996 First south Indian man became Prime Minister.
10th Atal Bihari Vajpayee 16.05.1996 01.06.1996 Shortest tenure of a Prime Minister.
11th HD DeveGowada 01.06.1996 21.04 .1997 He was also the Chief Minister of Karnataka before he take sworn.
12th IK Gujral 21.04.1997 19.03.1998
- Atal Bihari Vajpayee 13.10.1999 22.05.2004 -
13 Dr.Manmohan Singh 22.05.2004 25.05.2014 First Sikh Prime Minister of India.
14th Narendra Modi 26.05.2014 Till now First Prime Minister born after independence and also served as Chief Minister(Gujarat).