Development of Fruit: After Fertilization process Ovary change into fruit, Ovules change in seed and Ovary wall form fruit wall that known pericarp. Study of Fruit is called Pomology. The sweet small of fruit due to presence of Ester.


Types of fruits

True Fruit: When only ovary makes the fruit it called true fruit. Examples of true fruits are Banana, Mango, Coconut, Guava, Grapes, Tomato, Pea, Brinjal etc.
False Fruit: when ovary along with other parts style, sigma, corolla together make fruit is call False fruit. Examples of false fruits are Cashew, Apple, Pears, Co-cumber, Pin-Apple, Fig, Jack-fruit, Strawberry, Mulberry etc.
Parthenocarphy: fruits that are produced without fertilization are called Parthenocarphic fruits.This type of fruits are seedless.In this process the female flower produced fruit. Examples are Banana, Papaya, Grapes, Pin-Apple Orange etc.
Geocarpic Fruit: Fruits that are produced under ground are called Geocarpic fruits. Examples are Ground nuts etc.
Simple Fruit: when a flower is converted into a fruit is called simple fruit. Exmp:- Maize, Tomato, Mango, White, dry fruits(Sunflower,Oats,Daisy,Wall-nut) etc.
Aggregate fruit: when a flower produce only one fruit but these fruits are found in flakes is called aggregate fruit. Exmp:- Strawberry,Black berry,Gooseberry, jujube etc.
Composite fruit: when many flower combine to from a single fruit, it's called a composite fruit. Exmp:- Jack-fruit, Pin-Apple, succulent, Fig,mulberry etc.

Fruits vegetable and its edible parts

Fruits and Vegetable Edible Part
Lychee Juicy Aril
Apple,Strawberries Fleshy Thalamus
Pear Thalamus
Mango Mesocarp
Papaya Mesocarp
white Endosperm
Coconut Endosperm
Ground nut Cotyledon
Jumun,Cherry,olive,Persimmon, Karonda Mesocarp and epicarp
Pomegranate Juicy seed coat/Juicy aril
Banana, Aonla Exocarpo and Mesocarp
Gram,Cashew-nut,Almond,Peanut,Pistachio nuts,Walnuts,Chestnuts Cotyledon
Potato Steam
Carrot,turnip,beetroot, radish Root
Cashew Cotyledon
Orange and Lemon Juicy Placenta Hairs
Fig Fleshy Receptacle
Bale(wood Apple) Succulent Placenta
Guava Thalamus and Pericarp
Grapes, Jack fruit Bract and Perianth
Tamarind Mesocarp
Jujube,Avocado,Custard apple,Date Palm Pericarp